What are the health benefits of using an electric golf caddie?

Electric golf trolleys are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason – they offer a range of health benefits to golfers of all ages and abilities.

1. Golf is a great way to get exercise, and using an electric golf caddie can make the game even more enjoyable and beneficial.

The health benefits of using an electric walking caddie over driving around the course in an electric ride-on cart are undisputed: a recent independent medical study found that: “One round of golf per week may significantly contribute to the minimum recommended exercise requirements for adults”. 

Golfers who walk but carrying their bag and clubs will see big benefits from electric walking caddies too: the same study bag that that carrying clubs had the highest perceived effort levels and leads to increased fluctuation in heart rate, which is bad news when you’re trying to sink that nervy three-footer to save par.

Healthier golfers are better golfers but electric walking caddies boost the mental side of golf too by making the pace of play constant and removing the stop-start nature of using electric ride-on cart: you’re not rushing up to your ball like you are in a ride-on cart and then having to wait to play your shot.

There are big financial benefits too: $50-a-time cart fees every week soon mount up – if you play only once a week your electric walking caddie will have paid for itself in a year!

2. Electric caddies help you conserve energy, which can be especially important if you’re playing 18 holes or more.

Energy and concentration are vital to playing well on the golf course: particularly the farther into a round a player gets. Not having had to push a cart around or carry a heavy bag and clubs means players who use electric walking caddies get to the final stretch of their round fresher and better able to concentrate on what they should be concentrating on: their golf.

3. They also help improve your posture and alignment, which can lead to better scores on the course, and prevent or reduce back pain, joint pain, and other injuries.

Carrying a heavy bag and clubs and driving a ride-on cart both have health negatives, particularly on players’ backs and their posture. Bearing the weight of a heavy bag and clubs, even using a double shoulder strap, forces a player to stoop when they walk, and sitting for prolonged periods stresses the lower back – particularly on older ride-on carts with poor suspension and harder seats. 

Walking with an electric caddie enables a player to walk tall, just like the professionals do, and keep their bodies in peak physical condition for the most important part of the round: swinging the club.

Players suffering from back and joint pain or returning after injury will also feel the benefit of walking at the pace they feel most comfortable at, not being rushed around in a ride-on cart or putting even more stress on their bodies by carrying a heavy bag and clubs.